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James Kennedy
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James Kennedy Fantastic first release from these MO classic metal rockers. I've known the singer, Sean, for several years as I went to college with him. His classical voice training shines through, as well as his love for Megadeth and Iron Maiden. The whole unit is awesome and fun to see live (lucky I got a chance to see that). If you have love in your heart for classic metal, then give Sardis a bloody chance. Favorite track: Escape.
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released September 9, 2014

Guitar / Keys: Kevin Hasselquist
Vocals: Sean Roycraft
Bass: Mark Robertson
Drums: Jason St. Clair

Vocal / Bass Tracking: Mark Robertson
Guitar Tracking: Kevin Hasselquist
Drum Tracking / Mixing / Mastering: Jerrod Naff (

Album Art: Jordan Murdock
Album Design: Josh Smith
Promo Photography: Michael Bruner (


all rights reserved



Sardis Joplin, Missouri

Sardis is the premier heavy metal outfit from Joplin, MO. Taking influence from heavy metal throughout the ages and adding the edge of modern music, they leave their audience with jaws dropped and ears ringing with memorable choruses and mind-blowing musicianship.

REEL LIVE METAL is their latest release featuring the single "Satisfied."
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Track Name: Memories
It seems so long ago, those weary wasted years
All those things that I enjoyed. those people I called friends
Where are they now? I don't know, maybe washed away
By a sea of broken dreams condemned by the hand of fate

It seems so long ago, the memory is so dim
Looking back, I see it now, it changed me from within
My eyes were filled with anger, but I didn't know
All I needed was your love, you never let me go
Track Name: Night Calls
Another day in the city, the rain falls to the ground
I've got no time to fool around
Took a look out the window
A dismal scene before my eyes
No words left to offer, on the edge of apathy
Won't someone please set me free?

Nothing left to lose, I've seen this place before
Yeah, I can tell you now, the best is what's in store.

Night calls

I've walked the streets and never seen the light of day
I just escape into the night
The constant grind wears me down
There's no relief I've ever found
In a distant sunrise, somewhere beyond my sight
Lies the end of a life entombed

Like sand in the hourglass, the day just wastes away
And still I wait to disappear
As I watch the hours pass
The time is drawing near
Now the time has arrived when I'll see those sights and sounds again
I'll wait alone 'til I hear the call
Track Name: High Times
I am the life of the party, yeah I'm ready to go
The only time I come alive, and it ain't just for show
Sick and tired of losing this game we call life
So drink it up, another round, you'll forget all your strife

That's when I see you looking back at me
You'd disapprove, but it sets me free

When I walk through the door, a change comes over me
I'm not the man I was, I'm who I want to be
And when I'm feeling high it seems that I could soar
You want to drag me down when I walk through the door

Take a ride on the freeway, cool wind in my hair
In a flash, I'll be gone and you'll be standing there
I don't ever slow down, it's do or die
I'll tear to shreds all who might defy

You'd never be here, but I keep seeing your face
Across the room or in my mind, it's so out of place
I hear you ringing in my head, I don't know what to do
All I hear is saving, but who will save me from you
Track Name: Miracles and Myths
The things I say and the things that I do
Of what concern are they to you
You keep on telling me I'm headed for a fall
But here I am standing tall
In your delusion, your superstitious fear
You follow rules made to control
And all your tales and miracles and myths don't do a bit of good for you

You can't see through your fantasy

Why can't you wake up to this harsh reality?
You gotta take what you can
'Cause nothing's easy and nothing's for free
And when you're gone, you're done
I keep on telling you, so get it through your head
You can't change my mind around
It's fact of life, and no philosophy is ever gonna break me free

You just won't drop, it so this is the end
I can not take this anymore
I'm doing fine, and I'm taking what's mine
So I bid you farewell
'Cause in your delusion, your superstitious fear
You follow rules made to control
And all those stories, your miracles and myths
They don't do a bit of good at all
Track Name: Escape
The pale moon shines on my face again
And a cool familiar wind begins
Forgotten ashes of yesterday
Are all that's left in my memory

It's so unfeeling
It drives us all
My senses are reeling, and I can not go on

Feeling used and bruised inside my head again
And I still can't shake this state I'm in
The empty search by my reasoning
Leaves purpose lost to understanding

I hear the voices in my head
They're loud and clear
They're telling me I must escape
Get out of here

The last drop of rain falls from the sky
And now my hope begins to die
What is left if not the pain
That gives me reason to remain?

It seems I've come undone with nowhere left to run
I can not seem to find my place in space and time
And everything I am is searching for something worth living for
Track Name: Empty Mirror
Alone in my room, the tears stream down
I'm staring into the dark
This time there is no way out
This is the end

An endless sea consumes my mind
It's just a matter of time
I'm fading fast, this life won't last
I've reached the end of the line

Awoke in a cold sweat, was it all a dream?
My heart is racing from the things that I've seen
Another nightmare, my deepest fear
This cold dark night takes me so far away from here

I can not tell you what I'm looking for
But I can tell you it's not here
I never thought that I would find myself
Staring into an empty mirror

Deep in the shadows, do you really care?
Can you tell me have I earned my place in hell?
Am I so blinded, or just confused
Or am I really just a wretch after all?

Why won't you answer me?
I don't know if you're there
I don't know how to ask
If you even care

I can't be alone here, surely others too
Must have wondered all these things that I do
I need someone to tell me things I don't know
Tell the devil to take a raincheck on my soul
Track Name: Searching for Answers
I've never felt like this before
And I'm so confused
I've never wanted any more
Than to be left alone
But here I am right at the door
To another world
It beckons me though I may try
My best to ignore

And if I'm master of my mind,
Why am I losing it?
Am I a fool to feel disdain
For my lack of will?
Here it comes again, this foreign thought

There must be more to life
Than I can see
But what does it mean to me
Searching for answers

It's getting stronger now, and I
Can't take it anymore
I've got to open up my mind
To the possibility
Perhaps I gave into a lie
I'm starting to see that
Life is fleeting, or so it's seeming,
The sunsets' sealing it all away

The emptiness I feel inside
When I'm all alone
Seems to force me into thought
What if there's a god who weeps at the state of mankind
Knowing it's their choice to remain in their bitter, empty ways?
Track Name: Turbulence of the Mind
My thoughts collected, I've self reflected, heard all there is to hear
I've weighed the cost, and now I know for sure
I'm ready to believe
Track Name: Resuscitation
It was all a deception, a mental facade
That grew from predation of all believable odds
The logical mind told me to ignore
Inexplicable signs of the mind's inner war

But now it's as glass, the confusion made clear
My purpose for being was already here
In the midst of the struggle, my senses remained
Though spirit was vacant, debauched, and deranged

And now, I'm living like never before
I've no misgivings - to win I lost the war

And now I know
This heart that's beating
Was dead as stone
'Til you breathed healing

I never knew that all my vanities were lost
That they would fall to rust and ruin
But as they crumble, I now see that it was I
Who caused this ignorance of wisdom

I never knew that this would come at such a cost
Blood was the currency for freedom
So as the light of this last memory fades away
Let it remind all those who lose their way

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